Taking your animal to Europe and Uk from Koh Tao

Inkeri - Helping at the Animal Clinic

Inkeri - Helping at the Animal Clinic

I was travelling in SE-Asia for three months with my partner. For me it gets boring if i just hang around for too long and I also wanted to give back something for the world for being so priviliged that I have the chance to travel! 

Koh Tao Animal Clinic Volunteer

Koh Tao Animal Clinic Volunteer

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General Information

The clinic’s aim is to control the population of cats and dogs by spaying and neutering, provide vaccination and medication to protect the animals from getting and passing on diseases, treat and provide medication to any animal in case of injury or illness

Contact Info

Tel:+66 (0)8 10 90 53 72
The clinic takes care of all animals on Koh Tao, strays or owned.
Founding Date


Koh Tao Animal Clinic
2/43 Moo 3, Koh Tao
Suratthani, 84360