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We are a clinic not a traditional shelter

A lot of animals on the island do not have one particular owner. They may have been born in an area and grown up there or perhaps lived with an owner who has then left the island and unfortunately left their dog behind. The “stray” dogs survive okay if they are known to people in that particular area. Unlike Europe, the USA, UK and Australia the dogs here are arguably more fortunate in that they have a level of freedom that would never be experienced by a dog overseas. The downside is that sometimes no one particular person is responsible for the animal and on occasions the welfare of the animal can fall between the cracks. Very often a dog is well known in an area and various people would take care and provide for them and keep an eye on them for injury and illness. If a dog is involved in an accident or becomes unwell and brought to the clinic for treatment, or has been a bit of a nuisance around a certain part of the beach and it is considered that neutering could curb his exuberance or excitement they may be brought to the clinic for de-sexing or other treatment and upon completion of treatment they will be returned to the area from where they came. This is in line with our policy of rehome or return.
The clinic is barely self-funded. Monies received from paying customers and the sale of retail product supports the clinic. In spite of this very lean budget, an amazing service is provided by Dr. Jae, her assistant Yo Chaichaue and support partner Nicky Simmons. The clinic's cat neutering program and Alley Cat Adoption Centre to date has been founded and supported by Heidi Cassar. We do not offer a formal volunteering program but appreciate the help and support of different people in various capacities. Sometimes helpers come for a short time and others have a more lengthy commitment. Help is appreciated in additional cleaning of animal accommodation, feeding and socialising of animals. Some regular supporters bring special food for the dogs or support us in medical equipment or cash donations or provide computer and IT skills to maintain our website and social media presence. We do not receive any funding from any overseas foundations or charaties.

What we do

Emergency and Accident care
Animals that have been injured in car and motorcycle accidents are treated at the clinic.
This is usually cats and dogs but we have also provided care to various birds including Owls, Roosters, Hawkes and other migratory bird life. First aid and initial consultation are provided. Orthopaedic and other operations can also be performed. We have a blood diagnostic machine and a Ultrasound machine to provide assistance in diagnostics.
We work closely with the municipality of KT in regards to suggested methods of animal and disease control.
We also encourage visits o the clinic by local pre schools to give the children a better understanding of animal care and the need for controlling animal numbers.
Vaccinations protect your pet from several highly contagious diseases such as canine distemper, parvovirus infection and respiratory tract infections. It also protects against transmissible diseases such as rabies that also pose a risk to humans.
Booster shots are then recommended.
The vaccination schedule as recommended in Thailand can be found under our article tab.
Prepare animals to travel
More and more of our beloved pet population are travelling back to the homeland of their owners. As flights become more affordable and in some cases quarantine requirements less stringent we see this happening more and more.
Information of travelling with your pet can be found under our article tab.
We encourage pet owners to sterilise their female and male dogs and cats. The advantages of sterilisation on the animal population are many.  A separate document detailing these can be found under our article tab.
We provide a microchipping service. This is mandatory for any animal wanting to travel internationally.

We have a recently established( August 2019) database that allows us to keep tabs on the local dog population. This is still in the early stages and we are encouraging owners to microchip and register their dogs and cats.
C N R (Capture Neuter Return)
We have had great success with the CNR program on the stray dog population. To control the number of strays, this is by far the most successful and effective way of reducing the numbers long term and improving the overall health and quality of life of the stray population.
Dr Jae Supaphon Intarasksa
Dr Jae Supaphon IntarasksaVeterinarian
Anyone who has had contact with Dr Jae cannot fail to be impressed with her calm, matter of fact way of getting things done. The responsibilities of running a clinic are not confined to clinical knowledge and practice but also to the very human side of supporting animal parents, engaging with relevant authorities and setting standards or care and delivery of service for the team. As more and more animals travel overseas, keeping abreast of changes and legislation has to be kept up to date. There is always a new challenge. After graduation from Chiang Mai University in 2003 Dr Jae took up a position in a private veterinarian clinic in Bangkok. Over the next two years she developed her clinical skills and on different occasions in 2004 and 2005 Dr Jae came to Koh Tao and assisted the newly established Noistar Foundation as a vet. When the opportunity presented itself to join the team full time in 2006 Dr Jae made the move to Koh Tao. Dr Jae is very proud of the service provided to the animal community of Koh Tao where treatment and care of animals is the first and highest priority before revenue streams. Late at night or on Sundays Dr Jae will be operating or looking after injured animals, she does this quietly with no fuss and no call for recognition. We are very lucky to have her here. I am very proud of what we achieve here on the island, our small team and friends and supporters get a lot done says Dr Jae. It is important, not to lose heart and to focus on what you can do and understand that you can’t fix everything. Wise words from a wise woman.
Heidi Cassar
Heidi CassarAssistant
The crazy cat lady of Koh Tao. However, it’s not always been like that and actually Heidi probably loves dogs more than cats but her dedication to the care and of controlling the cat population came about when she saw there was a great need for an active sterilisation program. “It was so sad to see kittens having kittens”, said Heidi. Heidi started volunteering for the clinic in 2014. In the first year, it is estimated that about 500 cats were brought into the clinic by Heidi for sterilisation. This early and first year would have had a massive impact on the health and numbers of today’s current cat population. It is not an easy task running a successful CNR (capture, neuter, release) program. Working traps have to be set usually late at night and emptied early the next day to limit the time in the trap as much as possible. Once the sterilisation procedure is complete the animal needs to be returned to the correct location. A big job requiring great dedication, organisation and patience. Heidi also was instrumental in arranging the construction of the Alley Cats Adoption centre. The cats of Koh Tao salute you Heidi.

Our Team

Nan Thwe Nai (P Nai)
Nan Thwe Nai (P Nai)Assistant
P Nai has to have the highest work ethic and energy levels of anyone. Coming from a carpentry background his skills are so many and varied and often put to use in the clinic. When a new enclosure needs to be built, or a new partition for the new office, P Nai is the man we turn to, he can turn his hand to most things and he is an invaluable team member. P Nai came to work with Dr Jae in about 2010. A very quick learner, he has been trained in an abundance of veterinary clinical skills and is a very competent assistant. He is also very adept at catching strays for neutering and wrangling difficult animals. It is not unusual to see P Nai driving competently through the streets of Koh Tao in a salang with a variety of animals on board. There is never a moment PNai is not busy, there is always an animal to care for or feed or treat.
Nicky Simmons
Nicky SimmonsAssistant
Support partner extraordinaire to Dr Jae. Animal love with this lady is not restricted to dogs and cats but extends to Owls and Falcons and Chickens and Reptiles. Nicky is becoming the go to person for all sorts of bird rescue. A special enclosure has been built under her home and has housed a variety of animals over time. On occasions this has also been home to abandoned puppies. Her dedication knows no bounds, even to making a trip to Europe with a dog named Baht that she had raised from tiny (other animals also accompanied her on this overseas flight to their forever homes abroad). Nicky started fostering a litter of kittens back in 2013 and she has probably lost count of the amount of animals that have been in her care since. Her home is something of a menagerie. Always available to answer cries for help, there is a special place in animal heaven for this lady. Her energy seems boundless and when asked what she has learned over the years as a Koh Tao animal clinic team member she says “Working out that love is just as important as meds with the little ones”. On the bad days she says, “Losing the babies or having a heartbreaking case and not being able to help at all, that’s the worse but you don’t get to dwell on it for too long because there is always another animal in need of care.
Watsama Chaichaue (Yo)
Watsama Chaichaue (Yo)Assistant
Our groomer and vet assistant Yo has many amazing talents. She can speak with the animals and loves to send absent animal parents videos of their babies and she also manages to channel their voices. It takes a lot of restraint on her part to not colour every animal’s hair some shade of pink or green. The animal clinic resident dogs are often adorned with fancy collars in the team colour of the day or matching bandanas. Grooming is not just a matter of clipping and trimming an adored pet but on occasions to really improve the quality of an animal’s life and sometimes to remove months and years of a tangled mess. Tick and flea infested animals certainly feel better after Yo’s special care and treatment. Nails left unclipped can lead to severe problems for a dog. When not grooming, there is a constant stream of animals coming in for check-ups and vaccinations and other routine treatments. Yo’s biggest motivation is to just help the animals because she loves animals so much.
Lara Dakers
Lara DakersProject Pioneer (Social Media and Adoptions)
If you have ever contacted the animal clinic about fostering or adopting an animal from us chances are you have dealt with the incredible Lara, who amongst many other tasks has taken on the rather big job of overseas adoptions. When Lara answered the call for a volunteer to assist with our Social Media marketing it was thought this would be for a couple of hours a week, taking some happy snaps and scheduling a few posts, essentially growing our supporter base. This in itself is a bigger job than we imagined and a full-time workload. Lara had not been on board long before the effects of COVID began to be felt. No one imagined the vortex of need that would be created by the perfect storm of COVID, Dog poisonings and an unusually high number of un-homed dogs. The needs of the dogs of Koh Tao became dire. It would have been very easy to become totally dispirited and overwhelmed by the demands that were being made of Lara and not many people could maintain the energy or the determination to keep on fronting up day after day but this Scottish lass dug deep and found what she needed. Lara has found time to take a special interest in each and every animal we have in our care awaiting foster or waiting to be shipped to their faraway home. Each dog lovingly assessed for suitability and temper tested. It’s a massive achievement to say we have had a record number of dogs adopted internationally this year despite the travel restrictions. No mean feat. Lara has also provided care in the way of feeding and socialising the animals; this never ends, seven days a week, twice a day the dogs have to be fed, watered and given a bit of love. Lara says “I wish all animals could have a loving, forever home with enough to eat and a nice safe place to call their own”. We are hoping that with our considerable efforts being put into the CNVR (Capture, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return) program, the ongoing adoption project and working closely with the municipality to improve animal care, we can achieve the utopia Lara imagines for our Koh Tao animal population.

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