Koh Tao Animal Clinic

We are a veterinarian clinic servicing the community of Koh Tao. We provide care and treatment to sick and injured stray animals and also to the loved pet community. We pride ourselves on the care we provide to all animals including strays and un-homed animals and no animal in need is turned away.
Visitors to the island often comment on how healthy the local dog and cat population look. Please help us to keep it that way. Even a small donation can help. All money received goes directly to the use for which it was intended, the care of the animals of Koh Tao.
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Relaxed Happy Cats
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Donate today for a great cause

500 Baht can make a lot of difference. It can contribute for one dog or cat to be neutered, treat an animal with skin problems such as mange, ticks etc. which are excruciating for the animal but easy to cure.
Please contact us if you wish to set up a regular payment schedule to contribute to the ongoing costs of running the clinic and funds that are needed for trauma surgery and more complex medical care.
All money donated will go to the care of the animals of Koh Tao.
To give you an idea of what your contribution can buy please see below:

Male Dog Sterilisation B1,000

Male Cat Sterilisation

Dog Food 20Kg

Dog Vaccination

Female Dog Sterilisation B 1,400

Female Cat Sterilisation

Cat Food 20kg

Cat Vaccination

Stay updated

Make a transfer to the following:
Bank: Bangkok Bank
Acc No: 7310078972
Acc Name: Koh Tao Animal Clinic 
Address: 2/43 Moo 3, Koh Tao, 84360
Any amount is greatly appreciated! 
Thank you for helping us help!