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The objectives & long term plans for the Koh Tao Animal Clinic;

We can only succeed with the support of animal lovers around the world. We ask for your help in achieving the following objectives:

  1. to establish a permanent vet clinic on the island of Koh Tao.
  2. to introduce a neutering programme to bring the animal population under control.
  3. to introduce a vaccination programme including mange and flea control to maintain a healthy animal population.
  4. to introduce an education programme for visitors to the island to reduce causal feeding of the animals by tourists and encourage support of a properly managed programme through the vet clinic.
  5. to introduce an education programme for the islanders in good animal management.
Original start up proposal Print E-mail

Phase one
0-6 Months
  1. establishment of permanent base for vet clinic run by veterinarian nurse/administrator and one volunteer veterinarian.
  2. establishment of veterinarian rota to visit different areas of the island on different days.
  3. establishment of access to veterinarian via email and mobile phone.
  4. promotion of the work of the clinic through posters, word-of-mouth and the showing of the promotional video
    in dive shops.
  5. distribution of charity collection boxes and establishment of a system of collection and banking for donations.
  6. establishment of accounting system.
  7. establishment of record system for animals treated.
  8. establishment of volunteer system and appointment of volunteer co-ordinator on the island.
  9. establishment of permanent sponsors from the islands businesses.
  10. 33% of running costs to be secured from international sources.