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Phase two
6-12 Months
  1. to work with local officials on a neutering programme to bring animal population under control.
  2. to introduce a euthanasia programme for those dogs and cats in extreme pain as defined by the veterinarian.
  3. to work with local officials to introduce vaccination system and mange and flea control for all cats and dogs on the island.
  4. to seek additional funding to facilitate these programs.
  5. to establish a re-homing/adoption program whereby, for a fee, the clinic will re-home animals belonging to people who are leaving the island.
Phase three 12-24 Months
  1. to run regular education programs for islanders in animal management.
  2. to run education program for tourists to encourage constructive intervention.
  3. to introduce dog wardens to ensure that dogs and cats don't cause nuisance to local businesses, are not being badly treated and are full inoculated.