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But what or who else? Well as the discussion was taking place Kit Kat wondered in and was being very sweet to a very sad and sore Benny lying in the corner, both being closely watched from above by the hardcore Claws growling and complaining away in his rattling tin voice…

It was such a funny site when he jumped down, stopped his moaning and decided to join in, which in turn had Kit Kat and Benny quickly scattering away, as they, along with most animals that came into the clinic, were petrified of this old scrawny cat. Thus we all agreed to imortalise the clinic pets together and that they would be the additional stars o go on the wall.

Claws was one of those cats who wouldn’t take grief from no-one. When first brought in he was in a really bad way, kidney problems, bad skin, infected wounds and practically starving. No-one believed his odds of survival were very high, but treated him the best they could anyway. He responded really well and the more attention and food he got the stronger and faster he healed and the more affectionate he became, following people around the clinic whilst demanding a taste of whatever was being eaten. Then, about a week after his arrival, he started purring for the first time - it was a deep loud rattling and croaking purr, which grew louder and louder and had everyone laughing and waiting their turn to make him purr away. Nobody had ever heard anything like it! He became very vocal as time passed about everything and anything.

Soon after his recovery in the clinic, he decided to stake his claim to this new territory, despite bigger dogs being there already. Claws became part of the clinic’s ever extending family of really amazing animal characters that had been taken in by the clinic - despite the strict policy of either trying to re-home or returning them to their previous territory, as the clinic is a charity not a rescue home.