Volunteering duties

Sorry but we no longer accept student vets. Please make sure that you read the PDF's relevant to your skills for further information. If you want to volunteer as a vet you will need at least two years experience and must provide us with two references one from your recent employer and also a copy of your graduation certificate. These should be sent, along with the dates you are considering, to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   

Koh Tao location and how to get there



Duties for all volunteers:

  1. Looking after post operative animals

  2. Caring for generally sick animals

  3. Bringing dogs and cats to the clinic who need medical assistance

  4. Assisting the vet on their rounds

  5. General administration

  6. Helping to keep records of medical attention given generally promoting the work of the clinic on the island by:

  • - putting up posters to promote the clinic
  • - showing the promotional video in dive shops
  • - talking to people about the work of the clinic
  • - organising the collection of donation boxes and banking the money
  • - collecting disused towels deposited by tourists from dive shop collection points

You will be issued with a T-shirt that shows you are a representative of the Koh Tao Clinic.

Additional Information:
- Volunteers' code of conduct
- Job description for visiting veterinarians
- Job description for visiting nurses

If you further questions check out our Facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/KohTaoAnimalClinic