Welcome to Noistar Thai Animal Rescue Foundation

The Foundation takes its name from two dogs - Noi & Star rescued from the island of Koh Tao, Thailand. On Koh Tao there is no RSPCA, no PDSA, no animal's shelters, no sanctuaries, and before our clinic virtually no medical care of any kind for the animal population. Ravaged by mange, hungry and often abused, many of them didn't survive. With your help we are changing this.

In 2002 the Foundation helped to fund a temporary clinic on the island, run by veterinarian Beata Chodakowska. In July 2004, we the support of local volunteers, we opened the first permanent vet clinic on the island. The clinic now has a resident Thai vet Dr Jae Intaraksa and a clinic assistant Nai, supported by volunteers from around the world.

The clinic is completely self funding. Monies are raised via events in the UK and on the island. Unlike some organsiations all the money you donate goes directly to the clinic. The only paid staff are the Vet and the Clinic Assistant. Please donate if you can as we rely on your generosity.

For up to date details of our activities please see our facebok page: https://www.facebook.com/KohTaoAnimalClinic

CLICK HERE to see a video about the Koh Tao animal clinic.

Our Mascot Zelda

Zelda before our caretaking We have been looking after Zelda since February 2005 when she came into the clinic in a terrible state.
Now, over seven years later we continue to treat her and she lives happily on Sairee beach where a local restaurant worker, Som, keeps an eye on her. Zelda's story shows the Foundation's commitment not only to excellent acute care but also ongoing medical treatment for the animals of Koh Tao irrespective of cost.

Zelda now, receiving ongoing mange treatment
Please make a donation and help us to keep Zelda and others like her in great condition!

CLICK HERE to see Zelda with Veterinarian Technician Leanne Pancer